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Spotlight on EMEA Series: Ireland


In our spotlight on EMEA series we round up the latest developments from across the regions. In this post we look at how Ireland’s new requirements for certain nationalities to obtain visas in advance of travel to Ireland, aligning it more with the Schengen area.

Before travelling to Ireland nationals of Dominica, Honduras and Vanuatu must now obtain a visa. If the intention is to travel on to another location and merely to transit through Ireland a visa will be required.

As part of the process to align further with visa regimes in the UK and Schengen zone a visa requirement for Bolivian nationals was introduced in September 2023.

However, as part of a process to ensure reciprocity of visa arrangements, the requirement for a visa has been lifted for diplomatic passport holders of Indonesia, Qatar, Kuwait, Montenegro, Moldova, Türkiye, Colombia, Peru and Georgia.

The visa requirement has also been lifted for holders of an official passport, service passport or public affairs passport when accompanying a Minister of the Government on an official visit to the State as reciprocal arrangements apply for Irish diplomats travelling to these countries.
Transitional arrangements have been put in place for applicants who have existing arrangements to travel to Ireland.

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