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Employment Facts & Figures

At a glance: The statutory employment rates for employees are reviewed and usually updated in April each year – below are some key facts & figures for 2023/2024.

Statutory rates

Maternity/adoption pay £172.48 each week
Paternity pay £172.48 each week
Shared parental pay £172.48 each week
Sick pay £109.40 each week


National Minimum Wage

Apprentices £5.28 per hour (if 19 or under in the first year of apprenticeship)
Age 16-17 £5.28 per hour
Age 18-20 £7.49 per hour
Age 21-22 £10.18 per hour


National Living Wage

Age 23+ £10.42 per hour


Compensation limits 

Week’s pay £643 (maximum)
Statutory redundancy payment £19,290 (maximum)
Unfair dismissal basic award £19,290 (maximum)
Unfair dismissal compensatory award Lower of £105,707 or 52 weeks’ gross pay
Automatically unfair dismissal basic award £7,836 (minimum)
Breach of right to be accompanied £1,286 (up to 2 weeks’ pay)
Breach of flexible working regulations £45,144 (up to 8 weeks’ pay)
Failure to give written particulars of employment £1,286 to £2,572 (2 to 4 weeks’ pay)
Failure to inform or consult (collective redundancy) 90 days’ gross pay
Failure to inform or consult (TUPE transfer) 13 weeks’ gross pay
Guarantee payment £35 each day


Qualifying Periods

Unfair dismissal claims 2 years’ continuous service
 Statutory redundancy 2 years’ continuous service
Statutory Maternity pay 26 weeks’ continuous service
Statutory Paternity pay 26 weeks’ continuous service
Shared Parental Pay 26 weeks’ continuous service


Time Limits

Employment Tribunal claim 3 months less 1 day (6 months if claim is for failure to pay redundancy pay)
Contract claim in the civil courts 6 years