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Business Briefing: Immigration Update

March 2, 2020at : 8:00 am
Buzzacott, 130 Wood Street, London, EC2V 6DL

Protectionism or open borders – what does the new immigration framework need to look like in order for the UK economy to flourish in a post-Brexit environment?

The December general election has fixed the Brexit timetable for 2020 and the new Government has reinforced its commitment to completing the UK’s transition to an independent nation state by 1 January 2021. The transition will include ending the free movement of people and the introduction of new systems and controls for attracting the skills, investment and labour that the country will need in order to main its competitiveness in a global economy.

The UK Government has just published details of its plans for the UK’s new Points-Based Immigration System, to be launched from Autumn 2020

Our panel will consider:

  • How will the new Points-Based System work in practice?
  • What will be the impact of the new PBS on employers?
  • Who does the UK need to attract in the new economy?
  • What are the best mechanisms for attracting and selecting the people the country needs?
  • How to maintain public confidence in the immigration system
  • A view from America – is Brexit an opportunity for transatlantic movement of talent and investment?
  • Politics across the pond – as electoral tensions move stateside what can we expect for immigration policy in US 2020?

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