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UK’s Post-Brexit Immigration Framework

A Webinar

On 19 February the government published a policy statement entitled “The UK’s Points-Based Immigration System“, setting out plans for the design and implementation of a new legal framework for immigration into the UK following the country’s departure from the Single Market at the end of 2020. This follows the report  published by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) in January as well as the work already undertaken by the previous government as set out in the 2018 White Paper, “The UK’s Future Skills-Based Immigration System“.

The government’s aim is to create a “one-world” immigration policy for skilled migration based on a demand-led, employer-driven system within a points-based framework.

In this webinar, Ben Sheldrick sets out what we can expect from the new arrangements and how they will impact on the employers who will be required to manage the sponsorship scheme. He considers the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed scheme from an employer perspective. He also reflects on the potential for mobility provisions within a trade agreement with the EU, the challenges for sectors that may not easily meet the threshold for skills and pay, and the protections afforded to EU citizens entering the UK before the end of the transition period.



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