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UIA 67th Congress | Main Theme 1: Freedom of Movement, Migration and Human Rights


Ben Sheldrick, Managing Partner, will be on the panel at the UIA 67th Congress in Rome.  The session is on Freedom of Movement, Migration and Human Rights.

At a time when international humanitarian crises have rarely been so prevalent, issues pertaining to human rights and the movement of people across borders are of increasing political and legal importance. Governments worldwide have had to urgently react to the unprecedented challenges arising as a result of the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and more recently armed conflict in Khartoum and the Darfur region of Sudan.

More long-standing policy and legal challenges must also be considered in this context, including the approach taken to migrants seeking to enter Europe across the Mediterranean, the mass displacement of refugees fleeing Venezuela due to unprecedented political turmoil and socio-economic instability as well as the significant increase in intra-African migration over the course of the 21st century.

This panel will investigate the approaches that have been taken in various jurisdictions internationally to address challenges arising from immediate humanitarian crises, more established migration patterns and human rights issues pertaining to the movement of people. Particular focus will be placed on how as practitioners we most effectively advise individuals and families seeking refuge and protection in our countries.

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