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Spotlight on EMEA Series

In our Spotlight on EMEA we round up the latest immigration developments.  In this post we are looking at European countries that have extended or intensified internal checks at their borders.


In Italy and Slovenia internal checks at border control have been extended until at least June 2024.

In Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway and Sweden internal checks at borders have been extended until November 2024.

What does this mean for travellers to these countries?

Travellers to these countries should carry identification documents together with the correct permission for entry to the country.  Visa exempt nationals should ensure that they do not overstay the permitted 90 days in 180 in any of the Schengen zone countries.  Travellers should expect to see increased delays as Border Officers check identification and perform more detailed checks.

Although, technically the Schengen zone countries do not impose internal border controls, they may do so as a national security measure on a temporary basis.


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