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Spotlight on EMEA Series: Ireland

Our Spotlight on EMEA series is a round up of all the latest developments across EMEA regions.  In this post we look at an initiative from the Department of Justice in Ireland to assist with backlogs of cases and facilitate Christmas travel.



The Department of Justice Immigration Services Delivery (ISD) function has confirmed that the Minister for Justice will issue a Travel Confirmation Notice for all those individuals seeking to renew their permission to reside in Ireland and currently experiencing backlogs in the system.


Currently following the completion of the renewal process for a registration, it can take a further two weeks or more for individuals to receive the Irish Residence Card (IRP) via post.  This means that individuals who need to travel during the Christmas period are facing issues with airline providers.


To facilitate non EU/EEA nationals legally resident in Ireland who are required to renew their current permission and who wish to travel internationally during Christmas and the New Year period, the Minister for Justice will issue a Travel Confirmation Notice.  Such Notice requests airline carriers to allow individuals to travel on recently expired IRP cards during the period from 6 December 2023 to 31 January 2024 provided that they have submitted an application to renew their residence permission in advance of the expiry date of the IRP.


Applicants should take the following action:


  • Download and print the Travel Notice and present it together with the expired IRP card plus proof of the submission of their renewal application to the Immigration Authorities and the airlines if requested to do so.  Note that the proof of submission of the renewal application may be an email confirmation provided that it details the date of the application and that it was submitted prior to the expiry of the IRP card.


  • The ISD will be notifying all airlines and foreign missions of the new Irish initiatives in place to facilitate travel.  However, there is no obligation to comply and the ISD cannot ensure compliance with the initiative.


  • Where an individual has to travel through a third country in order to return to Ireland, the individual must meet the immigration requirements of the third country including holding the correct visa where required.


  • It is advisable for any individual intending to use the Travel Notice issued by the ISD in Ireland to contact the airline carrier in advance of any travel.


Should you require advice or assistance in connection with the above information please contact [email protected] or [email protected]



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