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Spotlight on EMEA Series: Germany

In our Spotlight on EMEA Series we round up the latest updates across EMEA.  In this post we look at Germany’s new immigration law aimed at attracting skilled workers.


Germany is facing an unprecedented labour shortage of skilled workers.  In June this year the German Government took steps to implement new immigration law and policy designed to attract skilled workers to the country.  In November 2023 part of that law will come into effect and will roll out in a 3 stage process in November 2023, March 2024 and June 2024.

In a move that mirrors several other countries around the world the new law will implement a Points Based System under which hurdles will be lowered for non-academic workers from non EU countries.  The points based scheme will assess amongst other things, age, language skills and professional qualifications.  To deal with the issues of the migrant shortage of skilled workers in Germany, the Government will also introduce an ‘Opportunity Card’.  This allows foreigners without a pre-arranged job offer to enter Germany for up to one year to seek employment.

The Opportunity Card route differs slightly as it does require the applicant to hold a University degree or vocational qualification.  The process for applying will also follow a points based system in which applicants are assessed against a set of specific criteria which could also include established connections to Germany and options for bringing dependent family members who may also work in the German labour market.

Magrath Sheldrick will provide further information and updates on implementation as the law changes.


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