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Spotlight on APAC Series: Philippines

In our spotlight on APAC series, we round up the latest developments across Asia Pacific. In this post, we explore the recent announcement on the Annual reporting requirements from the Philippines Bureau of Immigration.



The Bureau of Immigration (BI) informs all registered foreign nationals in the Philippines and ACR I-Card holders to update their registration during the 2024 Annual Reporting (AR) period. This update is required for all individuals within the first sixty (60) days of 2024, from January 1st to March 1st.

Personal appearance is required for the reporting process for most individuals. If the foreign national falls into one of the following exemption categories, they may also submit their documents through an authorized representative:

  1. Those below 14 years old;
  2. Those 60 years old and above;
  3. Those mentally or physically incapacitated persons with Disability (PWD) ID is presented; and
  4. Pregnant women and foreigners with medical condition, provided, a medical certificate issued by the attending physician or hospital where such individual is confined is presented.

Annual Reporting made through representatives shall only be allowed for exempt foreign nationals. Representatives shall present the following requirements:

  1. Proof of exemption;
  2. Special Power or Attorney (SPA) except for accredited BI Liaison Officer/s;
  3. Original ACR I-Card or Original paper based ACR (as applicable) of foreign national; and
  4. Original valid passport.

There is an online filing option available for registered foreign nationals in the Philippines who hold a valid visa (except for those with paper based ACR cards) and this option is only valid during the annual reporting period before March 1, 2024.


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