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Spotlight on APAC Series: New Zealand

As part of the mitigating measures to combat non-compliant employers, Immigration New Zealand will now be permitted to issue infringement notices effective 11 April 2024.  Immigration New Zealand can issue notices for violation acts ranging from employers who do not comply with visa requirements, through to employing a person unlawfully in the country.


The issuance of these notices is to assist the Agency in enforcing and monitoring offenders efficiently. Errant employers may be subjected to the following:

  1. A minimum fine of $1,000
  2. Accredited Employer/Recognised Seasonal Employer Status being revoked
  3. Standing down of providing visa support for migrant workers for 6 months for one time infringement notice; and 12- month maximum period for multiple notices issued

There will also be a list curated of employers who have been penalised and asked to stand down in the Immigration New Zealand webpage.  So the risks of damage to company reputation is high.

For employers who undergo the stand-down period, they are to comply and present evidence of specific rectification steps, reported to get their accreditation status re-instated.

Any serious breaches can also permit Immigration authorities to direct employers’ cases to court.

For more information on these updates or for assistance in planning your global immigration needs please contact [email protected] or [email protected].



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