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Spotlight on APAC Series: Indonesia

In our Spotlight on APAC series we round up the latest immigration developments across Asia Pacific.  In this post we focus on the introduction of a Bridging Visa by the Director General of Immigration in Indonesia.


What is the Bridging Visa?

The Bridging Visa is a Transitional Stay Permit under a new policy effective from 1 April 2024, so called because it acts a ‘bridge between an individual’s previous residence permit and new residence permit.


What is the effect?

Foreign nationals holding a Visit Stay Permit can now obtain a Limited Stay Permit without having to leave Indonesia.

Holders of a Limited Stay Permit or a Permanent Stay Permit which can no longer be extended, can obtain a new Stay Permit without having to leave Indonesia.


Important to Note

The validity period of the Transitional Stay Permit or ‘Bridging Visa’ is 60 days and is only valid ‘in country’ (i.e., for foreign nationals who are already in Indonesia) and is no longer valid if the foreign national leaves Indonesia.

The ‘Bridging Visa’ provides a residence option for foreign nationals who will apply for a change of status to a Limited Stay Permit.  It will help to avoid overstaying where an application is approved after the validity period of the previous residence permit has expired.  But individuals should note that they must submit the application and pay the immigration fee for a Transitional Stay Permit no later than three days before the expiration date of the previous residence permit.

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