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High Potential Individual Visa

Qualifying Institutions

The Home Office recently announced a series of changes to the Points-Based System, including the introduction of several new visa categories, including the High Potential Individual visa (“HPI”). Any applicant awarded a bachelor’s degree or above within the preceding 5 years from a “top 50” Global University will be eligible for entry to the UK under the scheme.

Bachelor’s and master’s degree graduates can apply for 2-year entry permission, whilst those awarded PhD’s from qualifying institutions will be eligible for a 3-year visa.

Successful applicants will be eligible to work in the UK in an employed or self-employed capacity as well as to look for work.

In advance of this new route opening on 30 May 2022, the Home Office have published the list of non-UK institutions issuing Degrees which provide eligibility under the HPI route.

The list has been generated from three University Education Ranking sources and has been compiled for each of the past 5 years. The list can be found here:

High Potential Individual visa: global universities list – GOV.UK (

For any questions or support in relation to this new UK visa category, please contact your Magrath Sheldrick LLP advisor for further information.

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