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Government announces timelines for introducing measures to reduce net migration

The Minister of State for Legal Migration has today announced key dates for introducing measures which aim to significantly reduce legal migration into the UK. The dates announced include:


  • 19 February 2024, Immigration Rules will be laid which will remove the right for care workers and senior care workers to bring dependants. This will come into force on 11 March 2024.
  • 14 March 2024, Immigration Rules will be laid to:
    • Increase the earnings thresholds for those arriving on the Skilled Worker route, with the minimum threshold rising by 48% from £26,200 to £38,700. These changes will come into force from 4 April 2024.
    • Remove the 20% going rate discount for occupations on the Shortage Occupation List, as well as temporarily add any occupations as recommended by the MAC to the new Immigration Salary List.
    • Increase the minimum general salary threshold under the Family Route in line with that for a Skilled Worker of £38,700. The plan is to raise the minimum income requirement incrementally and in stages. On 11 April 2024 the threshold will raise to £29,000 (with a further increase at some stage to £34,500) and finally to £38,700, by early 2025.


The Minister of State reiterated that these changes will ensure the UK’s immigration system is focused on attracting skilled, highly paid talent from around the world and help tackle the abuse of the Health and Care Visa.

The announcement comes shortly after legislation was passed this month to enable the Immigration Health Surcharge to be raised by 66% to £1,035, in respect of applications made on or after 06 February 2024.

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