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Dreaming of an EU Passport?

Perhaps you or someone you know has claim to Irish citizenship. That being the case, the following questions and answers may help.

I have a great grandparent who was born on the island of Ireland, can I become an Irish citizen?

If none of your great-grandparent’s descendants were born in Ireland, you cannot become an Irish Citizen by Descent. Only by fast-track naturalization after living in Ireland for several years.

One of my grandparents was born on the island of Ireland, can I become an Irish citizen?

Yes. Irish citizenship can be applied for through Foreign Birth Registration (FBR), otherwise known as Citizenship by Descent. Upon successful registration and receipt of the FBR certificate, an Irish passport can be applied for.

One of my parents was born on the island of Ireland, am I Irish?

You are an Irish citizen if your parent was born in Ireland before 2005.

If your parent was born in Ireland on or after 01 January 2005, you may be an Irish citizen, but this depends upon the citizenship of your parents at the time of your birth and their residency history.

I am an Irish citizen through Foreign Birth Registration, can my children obtain an Irish passport?

Irish citizenship is effective from the date of registration. Citizenship of successive generations can be maintained in this way, providing each generation is registered in the Foreign Births Register before the birth of the next generation. Therefore, if you were registered before the birth of your children, they can apply for citizenship through FBR.

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