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BritishAmerican Business Policy Agenda 2019/20

We are delighted to have worked with BritishAmerican Business (“BAB”) on their Policy Agenda for 2019/20.

The Policy Agenda is BAB’s annual flagship policy publication, outlining key issues of relevance to the transatlantic business community for the year to come, such as infrastructure investment, the future of the UK-EU relationship, and ensuring workers are trained in line with changing societal needs.

This years’ BAB Policy Agenda outlines three overarching fields with nine specific areas where action from government and regulators can propel both UK and US economies towards a stronger, closer and more prosperous future.

In respect of transatlantic mobility of talent BAB makes the following recommendations:

  • The UK Government should review its current proposals for immigration reform based on stakeholder feedback and in that context assess any impact from the sharply declining numbers of EU citizens moving to the UK.
  • In both the US and the UK immigration reform should include innovative ways that attract particularly highly skilled, experienced and entrepreneurial immigrants.
  • In the UK, any new immigration system post-Brexit should be subject to sufficient transition period that allows for businesses to adjust to new rules.
  • In order to avoid further political gridlock, BAB recommends for the US to create a new bipartisan immigration reform committee and bring a new immigration bill to the floor of Congress, addressing America’s social and economic needs.
  • As the UK and the US move towards a potential post-Brexit free trade agreement, consideration should be given to a modern, progressive chapter on mobility as part of the agreement that allows for both long and short term immigration.

The full text of “Time to Act, the BritishAmerican Business Policy Agenda 2019/20”, can be found here





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