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The Brexit Endgame?

As Theresa May heads to Brussels today leaving chaos in her wake in Westminster, we look forward to discussing UK immigration policy and Brexit next Thursday with our friends from Fyte. It will be  pivotal moment in the Brexit process, although we have of course said this many times before. More details below.

Immigration policy and the consequences of European free movement were one of the determinant factors in the success of the leave campaign. Theresa May’s government has promised an end to free movement and the introduction of immigration controls for EU nationals regardless of the final outcome of negotiations.

As the UK and the EU enter a decisive phase in the Brexit process we look at the future of UK immigration policy and the implications of Britain  leaving the EU, with or without a deal. In particular we will consider:   

  • Brexit – what happens now?
  • Life after free movement – what does it mean for EU Citizens?
  • The EU Settlement Scheme – how does it apply in practice?
  • How do we recruit EU nationals in the future?
  • What does it all mean for citizens from the rest of the world?
  • What are the Government’s plans for new immigration rules?

Ben Sheldrick, Managing Partner of Magrath Sheldrick LLP, one of the UK’s leading immigration and employment law firms will consider all of the above and take questions from employers and HR specialists on the impact of Brexit on immigration policy and recruitment generally.



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