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Nick Doughty IT Manager

[email protected]020 7317 6782

I manage Magrath Sheldrick's IT Infrastructure and Services

Having initially started out as a programmer, I moved into IT management over 15 years ago.  In those years I have seen how technology has completely transformed the way we work and how it can greatly enhance our service offering to clients.  IT underpins everything that we do ensuring that we can provide a cost effective tailored solution for each matter we undertake.  We are always looking to introduce new technologies if we feel the client will benefit.

It is now critical that we continually align our legal processes with our IT strategy to ensure that we are providing the most efficient and streamlined service to clients. This involves always having to find a way to say yes to stakeholder requests without compromising on the integrity or security of our systems.

My experience has taught me that IT is a constantly evolving arena and the challenges are never ending which makes every day different and enjoyable!  Having a crystal ball which allows you to see into the future and predict the new trends and solutions is now an absolute must!

Notable experience

  • Rebuilding the IT infrastructure
  • Developing the bespoke Client Intranet which allows HR professionals always on access to their assignees
  • Relocation of the firm to new offices
  • Project Management
  • Server and workstation management
  • BCM & DR planning
  • Systems security