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Workplace mediation


Zero Hour Contracts

New Innovator and Start-Up Schemes

At the end of March 2019, the Government presented a Statement of Changes to the Immigration Rules (House of Commons paper 1919) which, inter alia, introduced two new routes of entry to the UK for foreign nationals wishing to establish new businesses in the UK: Start-Up and Innovator. Introduced under a new Appendix W to…

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Shengen Visa

Visiting Europe after Brexit

At present, and up until the date the UK leaves the EU, British citizens may travel visa free with no limit to the number of days spent in an EU country or Schengen Member State. This is because freedom of movement is one of the four pillars of the Single Market. In case of a…

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International Business Visitors

EU Settlement Scheme Fully Open

The EU Settlement Scheme was formally launched on 30 March 2019 following two “beta” test phases since August 2018. Friday 29 March was of course  supposed to be the official “Brexit day” after the two-year Article 50 notice period, although the current parliamentary impasse means that the date has been delayed to 12 April at…

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