Your quick guide to consumer contracts

27th April 2011

The OFT has published a short guide for businesses on consumer contracts.

If you are a business that deals with consumers then you will be aware that consumer contracts can be a minefield. The need to protect consumer interests has resulted in businesses needing to be more astute as to the regulations in this area and the best practice to adopt.

The OFT document can be found at this link and provides a straightforward and commercial overview of what are ‘clear and fair contract terms’ in consumer contracts.

The brief guide may prove helpful to your business in establishing whether your contracts are overdue for a thorough review by a solicitor.

The guide has interestingly been released at the same time as consumers have raised concerns with the terms and conditions for the Olympic ticketing process. Whilst the Olympic ticketing terms are said to be legally compliant in that all ticket applicants must pay for all tickets they have applied for and won (and this has been well advertised to applicants), it does emphasise the importance of getting your consumer contract right and as stated in the OFT guidance, ensuring you‘leave no surprises in the small print’.

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