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Welcome to the Trainee Solicitor recruitment section of our website and thank you for considering applying to Magrath LLP for a training contract.

Trainee recruitment is a hugely important process for Magrath.  We invest a lot of time and energy in the process as it gives us the opportunity to recruit individuals who we hope will grow with our firm and contribute to its ongoing development. A number of our current members of staff have trained with the firm, two of whom are on our trainee recruitment team (hopefully an indication that they highly rated their trainee experience!)

Applying for a training contract must be a two-way process.  You need to find a firm that is going to offer you the style of training contract you want in the areas of law that interest you. The training contract is the first step in your career and as such the decision as to where to train is a very important one. From our perspective, we need to recruit dedicated and committed individuals who want to contribute to the continuing success of Magrath and develop careers as astute commercial solicitors.

To help you make an informed decision about applying to Magrath we have included some information that reflects the experience of being a Trainee Solicitor with us. By following the links above you can read about what our Trainees do on a day to day basis and why they chose to train here.

Training at Magrath will afford you an excellent opportunity to become a confident and skilled Solicitor, as well as to be involved in the ongoing development of the firm.

Good luck with the application process.