High court finds against Companies House in £8.8m typo claim

28 January 2015

Today’s edition of The Lawyer reports that a claimant, Philip Davison Sebry, who was managing director of Taylor and Sons (now defunct), has succeeded in his claim against Companies House.

In 2009, the Chancery Division of the High Court made a winding up order against the similarly named company Taylor and Son which had been filed in error as Taylor and Sons by Companies House.

The claimant argued that the erroneous order eroded client confidence in Taylor and Sons which caused the hundred year old company to go into administration.

In his decision, Mr Justice Edis said, “A mistake of this kind is likely to be particularly toxic for a company like this. It was not so big as to be able to refute the rumour easily.”

“It was a well-known name in its business and in its region and so generated much interest. On the other hand it was not so big that rumours of its liquidation were thought likely to be untrue.”