Six months of maternity leave to be transferable to father

23rd September 2009

The Government has announced a period of consultation regarding a proposal to permit new mothers to transfer some of their maternity leave entitlement to the father.

For babies born on or after the 3rd April 2011, the Government proposes that mothers may transfer some or all of the maternity leave that they are entitled to in the second six months of a child’s life to the child’s father.

Any proportion of the leave taken during the mother’s 39-week maternity pay period will be paid at the same rate as Statutory Maternity Pay.

The consultation exercise will begin shortly and the proposals are likely to generate considerable interest. Particularly surrounding the practical effect of the self certification system that is proposed – with employers and HM Revenue and Customs being able to “carry out further checks of entitlement if necessary”.

We propose to participate in the consultation to the fullest extent possible and would therefore be grateful for comments that you would like us to include in any consultation response.