Let’s hope Santa can still find his way!

There are a lot of financial headlines today. Of course the most notable is the Autumn statement that Chancellor George Osborne will unveil today highlighting the measures that will be undertaken to improve the lethargy surrounding the country’s current financial position.

The continuing sloth like financial growth is not however just impacting businesses but looks to also be taking the Merry out of Christmas!

It is reported that a large number of towns and villages have not been able to put up their festive lights this year because of a lack of funds to do so. Clearly, it is understandable that if a council cannot afford to meet its basic requirements then spending tens of thousands of pounds on flashing lights and tinsel is arguably not wise; but it doesn’t change the fact that it is just sad.


Wouldn’t it be a nice surprise if Mr Osborne had a final comment at the end of his announcement to say that any increased bank levy is to include a bauble budget…..