Red Tape Challenge – have your say!

8 April 2011

Yesterday, the Government announced the launch of its “Red Tape Challenge” website. The purpose of the site being to allow businesses and the public to “vote” for regulations that they think should be scrapped. The site will be operational until 2013 and aims to examine over 21,000 statutory rules and regulations – the focus being those that the Government considers place the greatest burdens on business and society!

Whilst the concept appears laudable, the parameters of the scheme are not exactly concrete! It seems that the every “few” weeks the Government will publish all the regulations affecting a particular industry or sector. Voters will then be able to indicate what they think is working and what should be scrapped. Once the window for a particular sector closes (unless the regulations are general in nature – in which case they remain open for comment throughout the process) Ministers will have 3 months to decide what regulations should actually be scrapped. The presumption being that all burdensome regulations will be abolished unless the Government department in question can justify the regulation remaining. The Government will then repeal the relevant regulations “as quickly as possible”!

There are currently 151 employment and immigration regulations under the Employment section of General Regulations, (plus the Equality Act under the Equalities section). As at noon today there had been 34 responses to the Employment regulations (including the sub categories) and 27 to Equality regulations.

Should you be inclined to have your say, the website can be found by clicking here.

Should you have any queries please contact:

Adele Martins – [email protected]
Susan Thompson – [email protected]
Catherine Yallop – [email protected]
Moji Oyediran – [email protected]

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