Employment Overview

Life as an employee or employer is probably more complex and litigious than it has ever been before and as such the law has become an ever more integral part of the employment process.

Whether you are an employer planning the growth and development strategy of your business or an employee negotiating an entry or an exit, you really must take the best commercial advice in order to protect your position and enhance value.

Commercial advice is very important in an area that is as emotionally complex as employment. It is all too easy to become overwhelmed by the detail when you really need to remain focused on what it is you actually want to achieve.

We have a highly skilled employment team with extensive experience in representing UK and international employers and senior executives in a range of industry sectors. The department provides advice and action in all areas of employment law including litigation in the High and Appellate Courts as well as the Employment Tribunals.

Ultimately, the team is geared to advising clients on all legal and practical issues arising out of the employment or engagement of employees, directors and contractors. We aim to find practical solutions and resolve issues quickly where possible to avoid costly disputes.

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