Dispute Resolution Articles Date
Joint Experts Statements and Reports  August 2016 
Brexit – Brief Implications for Dispute Resolution  July 2016 
Magrath LLP successfully appeals Liquidator’s decision in Companies Court  July 2016 
Adjournment and costs penalties for poor pagination in Trial Preparation – Parties Beware  June 2016 
Statutory Demand Minimum Claim Limit To Be Increased To £5,000  August 2015 
Revision of Part 36 of the Civil Procedure Rules  February 2015 
Part 36 – Cynical offers, how high can you go..  February 2015 
Mitchell Appeal Trio: Mitchell Judgment is misunderstood rather than flawed  August 2014 
Costs Budgeting after Jackson: Precedent H - Tactical considerations   June 2014 
High Court battle to acquire home by adverse possession – criminal, homeowner or both  June 2014 
Professional Negligence: Pinpointing the date on which the damage occurred  May 2014 
At the Court’s mercy; Court Gets Tough  April 2014 
Mediation  March 2014 
An overview of expert evidence in litigation  November 2013 
Magrath LLP and Spencer Ogden  November 2013 
English Courts granting interim relief in support of foreign proceedings  October 2013 
UK scores winner against FIFA in World Cup TV battle   September 2013 
Small Claims – A Brief Synopsis  July 2013 
Financial Services Authority replaced by new “Twin Peaks” regulatory system   May 2013 
Apple v. Samsung – Consequences of breaching a Court Order in the UK  March 2013 
Jackson Civil Justice Reforms  February 2013 
The Judicial Review Procedure  January 2013 
Hearing of Applications Before the Court – Oral Arguments and Having the Last Word  September 2012 
Universal Approach to Cross Border Insolvency  September 2012 
Inter Court Transfers and Technology Court Claims  September 2012 
To evict or not to evict  September 2012 
How Kool is it to be Kool?  July 2012