Corporate Governance and Regulatory Issues

There is increased pressure on UK companies to improve the quality of their internal compliance, controls and systems. Proper systems of corporate governance can also increase the efficiency of management systems and improve relations with shareholders and potential investors.

The Companies Act 2006 introduced significant changes to the way both private and public companies operate. Companies need to find a balance between ensuring that they meet with their legal obligations, whilst where possible, also taking advantage of any available options to simplify procedures and protocols.


How we can help: 

  • For corporate clients we help to ensure that your board of executive directors and non-executive directors is operating efficiently and in the best interests of the company in accordance with statutory obligations. In addition we advise on the remuneration of directors; relations with shareholders and investors; fraud and illegality and anti bribery procedures, under the Bribery Act 2010.
  • We provide guidance on director duties and responsibilities to both existing directors and those individuals looking to take up a new position on a board.
  • It goes without saying that it is essential that companies and directors alike keep abreast of developments in company law and the business sphere in general. We provide regular updates to ensure that you feel confident that the procedures your company has in place accord with best practice.
  • Advising on the rules of the various regulatory markets.
  • Advising on fiduciary duties and implied terms and conditions of employment and under shareholder agreements and other corporate governance documents.
  • Preparation of bespoke articles of association.

Preparation of LLP agreements