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Articles Date
Joint Experts Statements and Reports  August 2016 
Brexit – Brief Implications for Dispute Resolution  July 2016 
Expats do not have the right to vote in the EU referendum  June 2016 
Adjournment and costs penalties for poor pagination in Trial Preparation – Parties Beware  June 2016 
Tobacco firms lose High Court battle over plain packaging  May 2016 
Interim injunction of the celebrity threesome case is extended in the Supreme Court  May 2016 
Streetmap.EU Ltd v Google Inc and other companies  April 2016 
Axon v Ministry of Defence and News Group Newspapers Ltd  April 2016 
16 year olds can stop disclosure of information to parents  March 2016 
VOICELESS?  December 2015 
Service of proceedings via instagram  October 2015 
Uber app legal in London  October 2015 
Statutory Demand Limit Increase  August 2015 
Company Search Service  June 2015 
Court Fee Increase  March 2015 
Can you copyright a dream – apparently yes  February 2015 
Revision of Part 36 of the Civil Procedure Rules  February 2015 
Part 36 – Cynical offers, how high can you go..  February 2015 
Creditor’s Petition threshold set to increase this October   January 2015 
A broader application of the cases of Mitchell and Denton   December 2014 
Deadmau5 v Mickey Mouse – not a mice dispute   November 2014 
The Intellectual Property Enterprise Court says Uke do the tour  September 2014 
Court Fees Update  August 2014 
Copyright of famous photograph owned by a cheeky monkey?   August 2014 
Right to be erased  August 2014 
Felonious Football Footage Goes Unpunished  August 2014 
TV streaming service Aereo is declared illegal by the US Supreme Court  July 2014 
HM Courts and Tribunals Service new fee system   July 2014 
The “Wonga” letter saga has left several companies owing apologies to debtors...  July 2014 
Charged up trademark dispute - JUMPSTAR and JUMPSTART battery marks  July 2014 
Sherlock Holmes and the mysterious copyright argument   July 2014 
Monster Copyright Case   June 2014 
New copyright exceptions now in force   June 2014 
Airlines landed with compensation claims  June 2014 
A non-beastly win against Monster Beverage Corp  June 2014 
Italian football shirt wearing Christ the Redeemer puts the Brazilian Catholic Church on the Offensive  June 2014 
Further compensation claims due to delayed flights lift off   June 2014 
Copyright Infringement: Marx and Engels for sale?  May 2014 
Sky scores again in fight over football broadcasts  May 2014 
Harry Potter author J K Rowling wins libel claim duel against the Daily Mail  May 2014 
99 Claims – Could Beyonce and Jay-Z sue for a breach of confidence due to lift fight?  May 2014 
Government Hikes up Court Fees   April 2014 
Mail Online gets into a Jam after Publishing Photos of Singer Paul Weller’s children   April 2014 
Battle of the Bears in Haribo vs Lindt  April 2014 
Who snapped up the copyright to Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar ‘selfie’?  March 2014 
Court of Appeal Judgment is a Royal Pain for Prince Charles  March 2014 
High Court Judgment pauses copyright infringement by Blackpool’s Kraze Bar  March 2014 
A £798 Million Maths Mistake  March 2014 
Guernsey Football Club Manoeuvres to Defend Image Rights  March 2014 
Federal Court of Canada plunders $10.5m from Canadian pirate  January 2014 
Court Order forces paparazzi in ‘One Direction’ (away from Harry Styles)  January 2014 
Mitchell libel case overspend comes at a cost  December 2013 
Decision in neighbourly dispute ‘wheelie’ unjust as loser trashes judgement  December 2013 
Sky claims victory in its first Scottish copyright infringement case  November 2013 
Magrath LLP and Spencer Ogden  November 2013 
Family feud over luxury hotel chain is here to stay  November 2013 
Tottenham Hotspur fleet-footed in claim against non-league team  November 2013 
Small coffee house roasts Starbucks in Court over blend name  November 2013 
Friend or Pho? Who knows Mo Pho  October 2013 
BPI follow MPAA’s lead in the merry dance to stop music piracy   October 2013 
Family of Marvin Gaye allege that Robin Thicke’s no.1 song blurs lines of copyright  September 2013 
Dyson steers Samsung towards lawsuit over new ‘Motion Sync’ mechanism  September 2013 
eHarmony is disrupted as ICO investigates dating websites  August 2013 
The Pink mist descends as luxury shirt retailer takes Victoria’s Secret to court  August 2013 
Small Claims – A Brief Synopsis  July 2013 
Premier League tackles “live streaming” websites  July 2013 
Freddie Mercury’s estate goes ga ga over “Go Go Gorilla”   July 2013 
T Rex frontman’s son bites back at UK music publisher  July 2013 
Watch the UK Supreme Court in action online  June 2013 
Secret Courts slammed by Lord Hope  June 2013 
YouTube users rejoice as copyright consultation is announced  June 2013 
Custody Battles of the Rich and Famous  May 2013 
New Housing Ombudsman Service (HOS)  May 2013 
Privatisation of the Courts?  May 2013 

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