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A light hearted blog from our employment practice uncovering some of the weird and wonderful issues that arise in the world of Human Resources.

Most of the issues covered in the blog are based (very loosely - to protect the innocent and the not so innocent) on matters that members of the practice have been consulted about at some point or another. Many of the scenarios you simply couldn’t make up….. so HRspy doesn’t.

Articles Date
Nanny state - cycling accident are employers to blame?  July 2013 
Too Old to Work in HR  March 2013 
Diet if you Must  February 2013 
I thought it was “just a driving conviction so I didn’t have to declare it”  December 2012 
Christmas is coming and the HRD is getting fat!  November 2012 
Is ‘depression’ the new ‘stress’?  October 2012 
This morning's corker of a question   August 2012 
Lying – apparently it’s not hard. Just stick close to the truth and change a few names!  August 2012 
“there’s always some bird crapping on me from above” – a diversity seminar quote. Seriously!  May 2012 
Is asking for a social media password any different to asking to read someone’s diary?  April 2012 
Pyjama Party Anyone..?  April 2012 
Council’s employment decision guided by 3 year old!  March 2012 
Is a dog a dependant?  February 2012 
Christmas Cracker!  January 2012 
Silent but deadly  January 2012 
Best disciplinary sanction of 2011.... the naughty step?  January 2012 
Gifts for teachers at Christmas - a Bribery Act concern?  December 2011 
Christmas party chaos  December 2011 
One-day unfair dismissal hearings to be listed within 16 weeks  November 2011 
Sympathy Striking Tomorrow May be Unlawful  November 2011 
The return of autumnal weather means one thing – bra straps are back where they should be.... UNDER clothes!  October 2011 
And the reason for my sickness absence, as certified by my GP is...... “Life Stress”!  October 2011 
Apparently it’s ok to call someone a ****** on email... “because no one can hear you” – really??!!  September 2011 
Villain of the Week  August 2011 
Rioters – to fire or not to fire (pun completely intended)  August 2011 
I demand a pay rise! Rail fare increase of at least 8%....  August 2011 
Artificial cigarette irritation  August 2011 
“Doctors are not convinced about the effectiveness of fit notes”. No kidding!  July 2011 
Toilet humour...... or sense of humour failure!  June 2011 
Manager disciplined for calling underperforming members of his team "blood sucking parasites"!  June 2011 
Volcanic ash causes employees to plan for disruption!  May 2011 
Abusing ex-employees is still misconduct  May 2011 
Costs award courtesy of Facebook!  May 2011 

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