Articles Date
Government to Introduce 'Protected Conversations'  November 2011 
The Employment Tribunals Handbook  November 2011 
Regulation of Agency Workers  October 2011 
Chancellor Announces Employment Law Reforms  October 2011 
Is a sliding scale of fees on the cards for Employment Tribunals?  October 2011 
Many businesses are still ignoring the risks of social media  October 2011 
Can an employee 'self-dismiss'?  September 2011 
Voluntary Gender Equality Reporting Scheme  September 2011 
References The truth, or not the truth, that is the question!  September 2011 
Opting out of the Social Media Opt-Ins  August 2011 
Liability for negligent statements about former employees  May 2011 
Red Tape Challenge - have your say!  April 2011 
Bribery Act Coming Into Force On 1 July 2011  March 2011 
A Budget for Growth...?  March 2011 
New Law On Termination Payments  March 2011 
Amended Regulations Repealing The Default Retirement Age Released  March 2011 
Significant Issue With Draft Regulations Abolishing Default Retirement Age  February 2011 
Phasing Out The Default Retirement Age  February 2011 
Abolition of Default Retirement Age is Confirmed  January 2011 
Compensation Limits from 1 February 2011  December 2010 
New rates for statutory sick pay and statutory maternity/paternity/adoption pay  December 2010 
Bribery Act 2010  October 2010 
Notification of dismissal only takes effect when employee reads it  October 2010 
Playing the System - Originally published in the Employment Law Journal October 2010 - (PDF)  October 2010 
Equality Act 2010 - Where Are We Now?  September 2010 
Salary Sacrifice - The Beginning Of The End?  August 2010 
The Equality Act 2010 - where are we now?  July 2010 
Default Retirement Age to be phased out from April 2011  July 2010 
Preservation of terms under TUPE is not a defence to equal pay claim  July 2010 
New national minimum wage rates October 2010  July 2010 
Preservation of terms under TUPE is not a defence to equal pay claim  July 2010 
New national minimum wage rates October 2010  July 2010 
Women on maternity leave do not always get "special treatment"  June 2010 
Delays Pending Police Investigation Do Not Make A Dismissal Unfair  May 2010 
Job Applications Must Be Genuine Before a Claimant Can Suffer Discrimination  May 2010 
Inconsistent Treatment of Misconduct Lead to Unfair Dismissal  April 2010 
Additional Paternity Leave receives House of Lords approval  March 2010 
Workers can retake annual leave in next leave year  February 2010 
Employee, or not employee: that is the question  February 2010 
New ‘fit notes' to replace ‘sick notes' from 6 April 2010  February 2010 
Conflict of rights  December 2009 
Whistleblowing - Allegations v Facts  November 2009 
Chamois Contracts!  October 2009 
Increase in statutory redundancy rate and national minimum wage  September 2009 
Commencement of Collective Consultation  September 2009 
Six months of maternity leave to be transferable to father  September 2009 
Reclassifying holiday as sick leave  September 2009 
Legal Representations at Disciplinary Hearings  July 2009 
Disability Discrimination Threshold Lowered  July 2009 
First Corporate Manslaughter case to be heard  May 2009 
The use of 'Length of Service' in a redundancy matrix  May 2009 
New National Minimum Wage Rates  May 2009 
The Modified Grievance Procedure  May 2009 
Equality For All  April 2009 
Statutory Dismissal Procedures - Step 1 Dismissal letters  February 2009 
Statutory Dismissal Procedures - Step 1 Dismissal letters  February 2009 
New Compensation Limits  December 2008 
Contractual arrangements on Holiday dates overrides the Statutory Rules  September 2008 
Will People over 65 Have their Heyday  September 2008 
Every Second Counts!  July 2008 
Statutory Duty and Vicarious Liabilty  June 2008 
Draft Code of Practice on Discipline and Grievance  May 2008 
Corporate Manslaughter Act  April 2008 
Long Term Sick Leave and Holiday Pay  February 2008 
Disability Discrimination  February 2008 
Suicide - An Employers Liability  February 2008 
Policing the corporate border - the job of HR?  January 2008 
SDDPs: one step forward for employers?  December 2007 
SDDPs: One Step Forward for Employers?  December 2007 
Conceiving the Inconceivable - IVF and Employment Law  November 2007 
Protecting Confidential Information  October 2007 
C.V Fact or Fiction? You Decide!  October 2007 
When your Facebook does not fit  September 2007 
Employee Blogs Continued  June 2007 
Where There's Smoke  June 2007 
Protection from Harassment  November 2006 
Lifting the Without Prejudice Veil  October 2006 
Sexual Orientation and Religious Belief Discrimination  September 2006 
Maternity & Adoption Leave  August 2006 
Fixed Term Contracts  July 2006 
Family Friendly Proposals  October 2005 
Data Protection Code  July 2005 
Draft Age Discrimination Regulations  July 2005 
Working Time Opt Out  July 2005 
Constructive Dismissal Not Necessarily Linked to Breach of a Statutory Right  April 2005 
New Legislation In Force Today  April 2005 
Statutory Maternity Pay and Protection of Pensions  April 2005 
DTI Publishes Draft TUPE Regulations  February 2005 
Pregnancy Discrimination  February 2005 
Rolled Up Holiday Pay  February 2005 
Information and Consultation Regulations  January 2005 
Pay Consequences For Employees Refusing To Opt Out of Working Time  October 2004 
Unfair Dismissal: Awards for Injury to Feelings  February 2004 
Lennon V Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis  February 2004 
Consulting with Employees  November 2003 
Hazardous Substances in the Workplace  November 2003 
Sexual Discrimination - Equal Pay  September 2003 
Disability Discrimination Law Update  April 2003