The Pink mist descends as luxury shirt retailer takes Victoria’s Secret to court

Luxury shirt retailer Thomas Pink has filed an infringement action against lingerie company Victoria’s Secret Ltd in the UK, accusing the company of confusing customers by selling products under the ‘PINK’ name.

Victoria’s Secret Ltd launched the range called ‘Victoria’s Secret PINK’ in 2001 aimed primarily at 18-25 year olds, which has since gone on to become one of the brand’s most popular ranges. However, LVMH-owned Thomas Pink has filed an infringement action in the UK Patents County Court, declaring that it is “determined to protect the considerable investment that has been made into building the world’s leading luxury shirt brand”.

In response, Victoria’s Secret has lodged a declaratory judgement lawsuit in the US, seeking clarification of “the rights of the parties, allowing them to continue the peaceful coexistence that has been in place for many years” as the company fear that the UK infringement action places it at risk of a lawsuit on the same grounds in the US.

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