Sky claims victory in its first Scottish copyright infringement case

Satellite broadcasting service BSkyB has won its first copyright infringement case in Scotland against Mark Daly, the designated premises manager of the Old College Bar in Glasgow.

Last month, the Court of Session in Edinburgh granted an Order preventing Mr Daly and anyone acting on his behalf from infringing Sky’s copyright by showing the company’s programmes without the appropriate commercial licence. Mr Daly was ordered to pay damages of £10,000 and Sky’s legal costs, as well as being ordered to fund the placement of notices of the Court’s ruling in various newspapers and trade magazines.

In addition to the ruling against Mr Daly, a number of temporary injunctions have been awarded against several licence holders, who are now facing further legal action from Sky. Alison Dolan, Deputy Managing Director at Sky confirmed:

“This case demonstrates the seriousness of this issue through the large penalty applied, but also through the very first order to fund advertising, which we hope will warn pub landlords of the consequences of televising Sky’s content illegally”

This issue is one that appears to be one that won’t go away anytime soon. Sky has also recently started proceedings for a number of cases in the Patents County Court in England against licensees who have been showing Sky Sports channels without a valid viewing agreement.

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