Premier League tackles “live streaming” websites

The FA Premier League (FAPL) has won a Section 97A blocking order against FirstRow Sports, a live streaming website notorious for illegally streaming FAPL games online. On Tuesday, Mr Justice Arnold gave judgement in the case of FAPL v BSkyB and others. The FAPL had made an application against six major UK ISPs in order to implement site blocking against FirstRow Sports.

It should be noted that in his judgement, Mr Justice Arnold remarked that “unlike the websites the subject of the previous applications, FirstRow is not a peer-to-peer (“P2P”) file-sharing website. Rather, it is a website which facilitates access to streams of television broadcasts of sporting events”. As a result, FirstRow Sports was deemed to be legally responsible (or at least jointly liable) for the communication to the public of the FAPL’s content and the blocking order was issued on the terms sought by the FAPL.

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