Italian football shirt wearing Christ the Redeemer puts the Brazilian Catholic Church on the Offensive

Italy may have won its match against England however its national broadcaster NAI opened a battle on another front when it digitally superimposed an Italian football shirt over an image of Christ the Redeemer, the religious statue which overlooks the city of Rio De Janeiro.

The football shirt wearing statue featured in a TV advertisement as part of NAI’s coverage of the World Cup 2014 which also included children playing street football in Brazil wearing Italy shirts and a message stating “Brazil awaits us”.

Unfortunately for NAI, the Brazilian Catholic Church did not see the funny side of the advertising campaign.  The Church owns the statue and therefore under Brazilian law they also own its image and licensing rights.

The Church has stated that the NAI’s use of the statue was blasphemous and that it may sue NAI for £5 million due to the copyright infringement with all damages won going to charity.

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