High Court Judgment pauses copyright infringement by Blackpool’s Kraze Bar

Blackpool’s Kraze bar is now a music free zone after the High Court banned it from playing recorded music at its premises until a license is obtained from music royalties collectors Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL).  They also ordered the bar owners to pay £1,800 in legal costs.

PPL inspectors visited the bar last September and heard tracks by Calvin Harris and Jessie Ware.

If the owners fail to obey the Court Order then this would be regarded as contempt of Court.   Penalties for this include fines of up to £10,000 and prison sentences of up to six months.

The case is a reminder that the PPL will not miss a beat when it comes to enforcing their copyright.  There may be serious consequences for bar owners and other businesses that play song recordings in public without a PPL license.

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