Guernsey Football Club Manoeuvres to Defend Image Rights

Icondia, the Image Rights Registration specialist, has announced that it has just submitted an application for the registration of the Image Rights for Guernsey Football Club (‘GFC’) as a corporate personality.

 The Image Rights (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Ordinance 2012 (‘the IRO’) is the only law in the world that creates a registered property right derived from a personality.  The current position is that the personality must be recognised by a relevant sector of the public in any part of the world.  The personality can be a person, a joint personality such as Ant and Dec, a legal person, a group or a fictional character.  The registration provides the proprietor of the registered personality the exclusive right to use images that are associated with the personality.

GFC is the first football club to submit an application under the IRO.  The goal they are hoping to score is protection of the club’s insignia, club strip, catch phrases, slogans, merchandise and images of the club’s players wearing the club strip – on the tiny island of Guernsey at least.  However, a judgment given in a Guernsey court can be enforced in the UK under reciprocal legal arrangements providing GFC with another method to strike out infringers.

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