Government Hikes up Court Fees

The Ministry of Justice has confirmed that it will implement an increase in Court fees from 22 April 2014.  This is despite warnings from the Law Society and the Civil Judicial Council that an increase will discourage international litigants and have a ‘chilling effect’ on access to justice.

Fee increases announced so far include a hike in the fees for compensation claims between £5,000 and £10,000, which will rise from £245 to £445, an 81% increase.  Permission to apply for judicial review will rise from £60 to £135, while permission to proceed will increase 216% from £215 to £680.  A standard fee of £280 for civil cases which are not claims for money, such as applying for someone to be declared insolvent, will replace the current mixture of fees.

The Court fees increase follows a period of consultation earlier this year.  The government has stated that it is still considering the responses to the consultation and will set out its next steps ‘in due course’.

The Litigation team at Magrath LLP will post an update once further details have been released.

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