Dyson steers Samsung towards lawsuit over new ‘Motion Sync’ mechanism

British home appliances manufacturer Dyson has issued proceedings in the High Court in the UK against South Korean technology giant Samsung for ‘stealing’ one of its inventions.

The lawsuit centres around the release of Samsung’s new ‘Motion Sync’ vacuum cleaner, which allegedly infringes a Dyson patent on a steering mechanism for cylinder cleaners originally filed in 2009.

Dyson has been involved in many disputes with rivals (such as Hoover, Vax and Bosch) over the years, mainly in relation to protecting its technologies. Notably, in February 2009 Samsung was ordered to pay around £600,000 of Dyson’s legal costs as a result of a dispute around Samsung’s attempt to patent a suction technology already used in Dyson’s ‘triple-cyclone’ cleaners.

Samsung has yet to comment on the lawsuit. However, going on the basis of previous disputes one of the companies may have to ’suck it up’ and admit defeat.

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