Decision in neighbourly dispute ‘wheelie’ unjust as loser trashes judgement

A man from Edgware in North-West London has been ordered to pay £15,000 in costs after losing a dispute with a neighbour.

Liaquat Ali appeared at the Royal Courts of Justice on Tuesday after losing a civil action case in which his neighbour claimed his bin was blocking a shared driveway between their homes.

Barnet County Court ruled that neither party should keep their wheelie bins in the driveway and the solicitor for Mr Ali’s neighbour had asked for Court costs of £36,000 to be paid. Mr Ali argued that the costs claim was excessive and in a somewhat hollow victory, the costs that Mr Ali will have to pay were reduced to £15,733. Mr Ali said he was still “horrified” and would appeal the decision.

Conservative MP for Hendon Matthew Offord said:

“I certainly think it’s ludicrous, particularly as the court has spent so much time considering this case when there’s been no material loss to any party…there have been many cases over the years of neighbours

falling out. It’s certainly a damning example and I’ll be taking it up with the Attorney General.”

Mr Ali has since confirmed that he has handed his bin back to Barnet Council.

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