Copyright of famous photograph owned by a cheeky monkey?

Wildlife photographer David Slater found his 15 minutes of fame in 2011 after an inquisitive macaque monkey in the Indonesian jungle caught onto the ‘selfie’ craze and snapped up the photographer’s camera to take a series of fantastic images.

However, David Slater later went bananas when he discovered that Wikimedia, the company behind Wikipedia, had uploaded one of his famous macaque monkey selfie photographs onto their collection of royalty-free images online.

Wikimedia refused to remove the image and have stated that the monkey is the rightful copyright owner of the photograph since it pressed the shutter of the camera.

The wildlife photographer is now facing a legal battle with Wikimedia to have the photograph removed from the site.

Nonetheless, even though the macaque was shown to be a natural homoselfie-an in the photograph, we doubt that this monkey business will get very far in the Courts.

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