Copyright Infringement: Marx and Engels for sale?

In a dispute that may seem ironic, Lawrence & Wishart, a British publishing house, has come under fire after demanding that the Marxist Internet Archive stop infringing their copyright to “Marx and Engels Collected Works” by removing the works from the online archive.

The disputed works were translated and put together by Lawrence & Wishart making the publishing house the copyright owner.

Since the demand was made bloggers have questioned whether Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels should be copyrighted and there is a petition protesting the publishing house’s actions.  Following alleged online abuse, Lawrence & Wishart were prompted to release a statement that said:

“Income from our copyright on this scholarly work contributes to our continuing publication programme. Infringement of this copyright has the effect of depriving a small radical publisher of the funds it needs to remain in existence”.

Lawrence & Wishart was once affiliated to the British Communist Party and it continues to publish works by left-wing authors.

Unsurprisingly, works on Marx and Engel are not exempt from copyright law.

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