99 Claims – Could Beyonce and Jay-Z sue for a breach of confidence due to lift fight?

Solange Knowles attack on her brother-in-law Jay-Z in a lift at the Standard Hotel clearly shows that she wishes that Jay-Z had not put a ring on her sister Beyonce’s finger.  Social media is now rife with speculation on the reasons behind the lift attack and whether Beyonce should continue to be crazy in love with Jay-Z.  Nevertheless, the Litigation team at Magrath is more interested in the potential claims that may have arisen due to the lift fight.  The CCTV footage indicates that Jay-Z may have a personal injury claim against the younger Knowles sister, but the incident also raises the possibility that the hotel could be sued for a breach of confidence.

In the US to have a claim for a breach of confidence several elements must be fulfilled.  The hotel must have had a duty of confidentiality towards Jay-Z and the Knowles sisters.  As the incident occurred whilst they were leaving the hotel’s exclusive nightclub they may be able to establish this relationship.   Another element is that the information communicated must have been of a confidential nature and communicated in confidence.  Therefore, they would have to prove that once within the hotel they could reasonably expect CCTV footage of themselves to remain private.  The confidential information must have been disclosed – just about everyone with a YouTube, Twitter or Facebook account has seen the footage.  Additionally, Jay-Z and the Knowles sisters would have to prove that they suffered a detriment due to the disclosure.

Up until now Jay-Z and the Knowles sisters have not commented on the incident let alone said whether they intend to sue anyone over it.  The hotel is investigating the incident and has stated that their security systems and the confidentiality which they provide to their guests were breached.  As a result of the incident, the hotel will be hoping that it does not go down in the world – celebrities prefer to frequent hotels where their privacy will be safeguarded.

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