Tribunal Training

HR professionals may be familiar with all that the receipt of an ET claim entails but it is often an alien process for management and witnesses – sometimes with disastrous results even in the strongest cases.

Whether you are involved in ET proceedings, wish to prepare witnesses or simply wish to raise awareness or recap the requirements and processes – a Tribunal training session can be an invaluable tool to ensure those involved in ET claims have the confidence necessary to perform to the best of their ability.

  • Tribunal claims – how they originate and why
    • Heading them off at the pass
    • Understanding claims
    • Deciding the defence strategy
  • Tribunal format and decision making powers
    • Employment Judges – and how to address them
    • Potential awards
    • Compensation levels
    • Costs awards against you and against the claimant
  • Witness evidence
    • Taking statements
    • Referring to documents
    • Relevance
    • How much is too much?
  • Witness preparation
    • Familiarity with documents
    • Confidence in the witness box
    • Under fire – strategies for dealing with cross examination
  • The role of representatives
    • How, when and why?
    • Helping us helping you
    • Disclosure obligations and privilege
  • Tips, hints and coping strategies
    • Dealing with the documents
    • How to answer questions
    • What to do when your mind goes blank

All training sessions can be modified as required to suit your requirements and are available as half or full day sessions.  To discuss the above session or to discuss a bespoke session on this or other topics please email Adele Martins [a1] or call on 020 7317 6719.

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