PAPER TRAILS – will your paper trail undermine your defence?

A practical session reinforcing the underlying theory and key legal principles with guidance to ensure not only best practice in day to day operations (with a view to avoiding those rather nasty gremlins that appear during litigation) but that fundamentally the appropriate paper trail is available to back up the defence strategy (or at least not to damage it.)

Paper Trials  – will your paper trail undermine your strategy?

  • Personnel files – fit for purpose?
    • What they should and should not contain
    • Separate investigation files
    • Pre-employment screening
  • Data Protection Act – requests and requirements.
    • Handling a DPA request
    • Narrowing the scope of the request
    • Proportionate responses and disproportionate cost implications
  • Note keeping – done is better than perfect?
    • Handling the ‘fear’ of evidence
    • Proportionality – how little is too little
    • Dealing with dispute
  • Perfect precedents – perfect is better than done?
    • Precedents v templates
    • Precedent letters and guidance notes
    • Template notes
  • Consistency and comparisons – how ‘unrelated’ paper could damage your strategy.
    • Why consistency is important
    • Central records – hostage to fortune?
  • Paper Tsunami’s – handling that 17 page appeal letter.
    • Proportionate investigation
    • The alternatives to responding
  • Disclosure obligations
    • Dealing with disclosure
    • Privilege – how, when and why.

All training sessions can be modified as required to suit your requirements and are available as half or full day sessions.  To discuss the above session or to discuss a bespoke session on this or other topics please email Adele Martins [a1] or call on 020 7317 6719.

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