Managing the HR process – Disciplinary

A practical session reinforcing the underlying theory and key legal principles.  Guidance to ensure best practice in day to day operations and to ensure managers understand the requirements of a fair procedure and the need for transparency minimising the risk of successful employment tribunal claims.  Available as a new programme or refresher to build on existing knowledge and / or previous training.

  • Suspension – short term gain long term pain?
    • When, how and by whom?
    • Duration and extensions
    • What to include in the suspension letter.
  • Investigation – where to draw the line
    • Who should conduct the investigation?
    • Keeping it proportionate.
    • Reluctant witnesses
  • Defining allegations of misconduct and drafting the invitation letter
    • how much information to include
    • supporting documents
    • disclosing witness statements
  • Spanners in the works – grievances and absent employees
    • Dealing with simultaneous grievances
    • Sickness absence following disciplinary allegations
    • Medical reports
    • Forcing the issue
  • Decision making and appropriate sanctions
    • Appropriate decision makers
    • Proportionate sanctions
    • Escalating sanctions from previous disciplinaries
  • Managing the inevitable disciplinary appeal
    • Appropriate decision makers
    • Use of external resources
    • When final is final – grievances against appeal decisions.
  • Paper trails
    • Personnel files
    • Investigation and meeting notes
    • Disclosure obligations in the Employment Tribunal
    • Template documents

All training sessions can be modified as required to suit your requirements and are available as half or full day sessions.  To discuss the above session or to discuss a bespoke session on this or other topics please email Adele Martins [a1] or call on 020 7317 6719.



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