UK Border Agency Reveals Service Standard Statistics

Following a Freedom of Information request, the UK Border Agency (“UKBA”) was recently required to reveal that “The sponsor licensing service standard was to complete 65% of applications in four weeks.

In the period January – June 2012, a total of 2,279 sponsor licensing applications were decided.  Of these, 1518 (67%) were decided within the service standard.

Since June however, the service standard has fallen dramatically, as reflected in the current backlog.

The figures below show that demand for application processing has consistently outstripped the ability of UKBA staff to meet the targets the Agency has set for itself.

Whilst we acknowledge the efforts of staff at UKBA who strive to provide a high level of service, it is clear that there are issues with processing times.

Without remedial action, either the service standard will continue to fall or the Agency will have to consider revising its targets – both of which will negatively impact on migrants and sponsors.

All cases decided in 2012/13 

Quarter 1 2012-2013

  % of Applications decided within Service Standard Number of applications decided within Service Standard Total number of applications decided
Family 42% 4,437 10,518
Visiting the UK 37% 107 288
Employment 37% 8,853 23,805
Study 30% 4,590 15,462
Permanent Residence 84% 20,956 25,019
European Casework, ECAA and Bulgaria and Romania Casework 98% 23,684 24,266
British Citizenship 97% 45,272 46,830
Sponsor Licensing 41% 309 761
Non-settlement visas 94% 719,092 764,403
Settlement visas 90% 13,346 14,902
Overall total 91% 840,646 926,254
Deferred Cases 0% 1 632