Migration Advisory Committee Review of Tier 2 Sponsorship

Migration Advisory Committee Review of Tier 2 Sponsorship

Workshop with Magrath LLP on 26th August 2015

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has been commissioned by government to undertake a thorough review of Tier 2 to address concerns about the rising number of migrants in the route and reliance on migrants to fill job shortages.

This will be the most significant and comprehensive review of Tier 2 since the scheme was introduced in 2008. Suggested changes to the scheme will have a major impact on the ability of employers to sponsor the key skilled workers that they need in order to remain competitive and productive in a global economy.

The Immigration Team at Magrath LLP Solicitors is collecting evidence from multi-national companies, sponsors and other key stakeholders with a view to making a detailed submission to MAC in order to influence the outcome of the review.

The meeting take place at 2pm on Wednesday 26th August at Magrath’s offices in central London. The workshop will be an opportunity to provide evidence to MAC of the impact further restrictions to Tier 2 will have on your business.

A representative of the MAC will be at the workshop to hear directly from delegates.

We look forward to hearing your views on how Tier 2 should be structured to meet your business needs.

If you would like to attend the meeting and participate in the Call for Evidence please contact the team at [email protected]¬†and we will be sure to arrange a place for you.