Financial institutions that do not satisfactorily verify financial statements

For the purpose of verifying a visa applicants’ maintenance funds under the points-based system, the UK Border Agency maintains lists of financial institutions in countries that do not satisfactorily verify financial statements. The countries which the UK Border Agency currently have lists for are India, Iran, Pakistan and the Philippines.

The lists are regularly reviewed and the addition or removal of a financial institution to or from the lists will be considered on its own facts. The UKBA will include an institution on the relevant list if they consider that it does not verify financial statements to their satisfaction in more than 50% of sample cases.

An unsatisfactory verification check means that the financial institution has not responded to or has not provided a reliable response to the UK Border Agency’s request for information, or that the UK Border Agency has not been able to contact the institution.

To assist applicants in obtaining acceptable financial statements, the UK Border Agency has also produced lists of institutions in the relevant countries from which they will accept financial statements. All of the above mentioned lists can be found here.