Toilet humour…… or sense of humour failure!

In a world where everything is someone else’s fault, and every aspect of life is apparently worthy of complaint, one disgruntled employee has raised a formal grievance about her colleagues’ failure to “put the toilet seat down”! The employer in question has four toilets per floor, all of which were independent unisex cubicles. However, one employee felt that a male colleague’s failure to put the toilet seat down after using the facilities was “offensive and unhygienic” and tantamount to harassment because it created an “offensive” environment. A male employee “cross complained” – taking the view that it was indirectly sexually discriminatory that male employees had to raise and lower the toilet seat whereas female employees did not! Seriously! The suggestion that both employees were made redundant because they clearly have insufficient work to do was felt to be too draconian – and now the employer has two male toilets and two female toilets – easy to identify from the signs on the door and the queue for the ladies……………..!