Silent but deadly

We’ve all thought we’ve done it – and some of us actually have – commented in a less than positive (and at times downright slanderous) way about colleagues, friends and clients.  It’s possibly not as damning as the email sent in anger, or to the wrong recipient as there’s often something more offensive about words recorded in black and white.  But somehow the fact of the words being overheard does make them sting – and with potentially terminal consequences!  Last week, a manager at a London architects practice, somehow managed to fail to properly terminate an Internet based call before making less than favourable comments to a passing colleague about the other participant.  By the time the manager noticed the line was still open, the other party had heard every damning word! The ‘glory’ of email is being able to hide behind the screen and apologise at your own pace.  No such opportunity here!  Explanations and apologies failed – account in question is no more.  Maybe there’s some wisdom in that old adage – if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all!

HR spy’s new year’s resolution is…….